You Think Orange Peel is of No Use? Checkout the Benefits


Orange is one of the favorite fruit of people around the globe. Orange is not only tasty, but there are also many health benefits of eating it. You can use skin of orange for various purpose. It has supplements that are good for your skin.

Orange skin

If you want your skin to look shiny then use orange peel as a sponge. You can use it by putting in gauze. Using orange peel is one of the easiest and effective method to have smooth and light skin.


Get rid of Insects

If you have an open window from where insects come inside your home. You can put orange peel near that window and insect will stay away from that place. Orange peel has elements that mosquitoes and moths can’t stand against.

Get rid of bad smell

If you want to stop your shoes to smell bad then put orange peel in there. It will absorb bad smell from the shoes. You can also put it on places where smell is too high.


Make a mixture of orange peel and vinegar in a jar, and cover it. Leave that jar in a freezer for weeks and stir it occasionally. When the mixture is ready, put it inside a sprayer to clean floor and windows.

Water stains

If water stains bother you then you can use inside of orange peel to clean them.

Freshen your interior

Peel of orange has refreshing smell; you can use it on your interiors. First you need to dry orange peel by using oven. Blend it and put in small homemade bags. You can place those bags in closet, room, or bathroom.


First you need to peel orange in two half. Make sure to peel it in half circle. Put some oil inside it and light your natural homemade candle.