Wake Up Your Capillaries with This Exercise


Exercise is beneficial to all, and it’s done while lying in bed. Everyone can do it, even the very old and sick.

Wake Up Your Capillaries with This Exercise

We have a lot of capillaries in our feet and hands. Do not let them lose their elasticity and become blocked, leading to stoppage of blood and tissue malnutrition, varicose veins and other vascular problems.

This easy exercise with vibration gets the capillaries filled with blood and stimulates their normal functioning. This makes the capillary to revive and improve blood circulation in the whole organism. In addition, it improves the flow of lymph.

EXERCISE general circulation and the awakening of all blood vessels:

Lie down on a hard surface or bed, put a towel bent in a roll under your head. Lift your hands and feet in air at right angles to the body.

Shake your limbs as to vibrate, lasting 1-3 minutes.

Do the exercise daily every morning and evening.

This is one of the “golden” exercises of the famous Japanese healer, founder of the system to maintain health, Professor Kacudzho Niches.