This Is What Happens To Your Lungs After You Smoke 3 Packs Of Cigarettes


This is a powerful presentation done by a teacher at the Yan Chai Hospital Tung Chu Ying Memorial School in Hong Kong. He was worried how his students started smoking and wanted to show them the effects of smoking on their young lungs. The lungs he used were from a pig. He inflated ones with clear air, and the other ones with cigarette smoke from 60 cigarettes. Then he cut them both in half showing the students the perfect pink color of the ones inflated with air, and the dark black color of the ones inflated with smoke.

lungs after 60 cigarettes

This is what an average smoker will achieve in less than a month of smoking. It is a powerful presentation of what smokers do to their lungs and that everyone should reconsider before lighting another cigarette again.

There have been over 1 billion tobacco-associated deaths, and the number is expected to increase to 1.6 billion over the following two decades according to The Action on Smoking and Health organization.