This Is What Happens If You Don’t Clean Your Air Conditioners Regularly!


With the arrival of warm weather and high temperatures, many will seek salvation in air conditioners without which the unbearable heat is almost impossible to live.

This Is What Happens If You Don’t Clean Your Air Conditioners Regularly!

However, with the refreshment the air conditioning provides, many are unaware of the dangers of it’s frequent and improper use. Irregular maintenance leads to poor air quality and odor as a fertile ground for many bacteria and fungi. Their inhalation can lead to many chronic diseases.

One of the more dangerous bacteria is Legionella, which leads to severe pneumonia and can be fatal. Infection occurs when the bacteria in the form of droplets from air conditioners gets breathen in and it ends up in the lungs.

Other cooling equipment, as well as fountains, pools, humidifiers are also a risky area.

Legionnaires’ disease is manifested within two to ten days after a person has breathed legionella. The disease begins with weakness, drowsiness and headache. After that there is a temperature higher than 40 degrees, dry cough and headache, and then comes to pneumonia. The infection in blood and lymph pathways can propagate through the body.

In the most severe cases of the illness it can damage the central nervous system, and if the disease is left untreated, the mortality rate is present between 15 and 25 percent.

All those with weakened immune systems, chronic patients, smokers and alcoholics shouldparticularly pay attention.

It is interesting that men are prone tothis disease.

Regular cleaning of air conditioners and replacing the filter inside can prevent viruses and bacteria, and therefore the disease.

We recommend that once a year, usually before the high temperature season, you should service the air conditioners.