This Is How You Should Dispose Of Your Used Cooking Oil!


used-cooking-oilWe know that most of you are familiar with this, but it’s never a bad thing to send such a message. In most of the cases, even if you don’t fry a lot, we almost always throw out our waste oil in the kitchen sink.

This is the biggest mistake you can make. And do you know, why do we do it? The answer to this question is very simple: “Because no one told us about the proper way to do it.”

The proper way to dispose the used oil is to put it in a plastic bottle, seal it tightly and throw it in the trash can.

Why do we point  this out to you? The reason for that is in fact simple;one liter of oil pollutes, believe it or not, almost one million liters of clean water. That is the same amount of water you use in normal person’s life for 14 years.

So share this message, and nature will thank you. After all, it is still in favor of all of us.