This Is How You Ruin Your Favorite Clothes: 5 Common Mistakes You Make When You Wash Clothes by Hand!


You’re afraid that your favorite T-shirt might get ruined in the washing machine, so you opt for hand washing. Well, this is not all safe either if you make these 5 mistakes. This is what you shouldn’t do if you want to keep your ‘delicates’ intact.

This Is How You Ruin Your Favorite Clothes 5 Common Mistakes You Make When You Wash Clothes by Hand!

  1. You put your clothes in the basin before filling it with water

Think of hand-washing clothes as bathing clothes. As you wouldn’t get into the tub before it’s filled with water, you should also avoid putting your clothes in the basin before filling it with water and detergent. For one thing, squirting the water directly onto your clothes can damage the fabric. Plus, it’s much more difficult to wash off the detergent when it’s poured directly on the clothes.

What you should do instead is fill your basin with lukewarm or cold water (follow the instructions on the label) and add the recommended amount of detergent for delicates. Stir the detergent well until it’s completely dissolved, then dip the piece of clothing and gently press it on the bottom until it’s be fully immersed.

  1. You rub stains too hard

If you rub the stains on your clothes too vigorously, you may damage the fabric, especially if it’s delicate. Using your fingertips, treat the stain by rubbing a pinch of stain remover onto it gently. While your piece of clothing is soaking, wring the water out several times. For most fabrics, 15 minutes will suffice for the stain to get removed, but in case it’s harder than that, leave it to soak a bit longer.

  1. You rinse the clothes under running tap water

In this way, you can easily stretch your delicate wardrobe. What you should do is fill the basin with clean water and gently dip the piece in it. If needed, change the water once or twice.

  1. You wring your clothes in order to squeeze out the extra water

Wringing your delicate items to remove extra water may damage them. In this way, clothes will lose shape whereas the fabric will become thinner. Instead, fold and press your items against the basin edge in order to get excess water out of them. For delicates, fold the item into a dry towel and roll while gently pressing. In the end, unroll and leave to dry.

  1. You hang the laundry to dry

To prevent the delicate items, especially woolen ones, from stretching, always lay them flat to dry. Lay your sweaters and swimwear on a dry towel, and when one side is dried, flip on the other side to dry evenly.