This Common Vitamin Deficiency Triggers Headache, Back Pain and Joint Pain


Headaches can be quite difficult and can have impact on your daily plans, to stay home instead of going to work, not be able to stand a light or even not to be able to talk with your colleagues. On the other hand, joint and back pain can make you stay in bed for longer period of time.

You may need do go on a therapy and miss some very important events in your life. Surprisingly these conditions can be linked with a single vitamin deficiency.

This Common Vitamin Deficiency Triggers Headache, Back Pain and Joint Pain

First, the Truth about “Vitamin” D

Are you familiar with the fact that vitamin D is not a vitamin but a hormone. This is so because it is produced by the skin and not by the thyroid gland. Vitamin D is very important for some crucial processes in the body. So you may call it a vitamin but it is not actually.

To be secreted, cortisol needs necessary amounts of vitamin D to be produced. Lack of cortisol can lead to inflammation and pain in the joints. In order to relieve pain you need to get cortisone shot .Also the shortage of vitamin B12, B5 or B6 and Vitamin D can be the cause of back pain.

The Reasons for the Pain

Vitamin D deficiency can cause headaches because people cannot get enough sleep and suffer from depression. The pain caused by lack of vitamin D together with insomnia can cause severe headaches.

When people suffer from depression they use anti-depressant which rise the serotonin levels to fight against depression but the negative aspect is that serotonin levels do not decrease during the night when the person needs to sleep and in this way the person starts to deal with insomnia.

New moms also suffer very often from Vitamin D deficiency. The baby takes the vitamin D from the mother because it is needed for baby growth. If the mum cannot spend enough time in the sun to increase vitamin D levels can have problems with sleeping, postpartum depression etc.

What to Do

Now when we are aware how important this vitamin is what can we do to increase its level? The solution is-spend more time in the sun. Very simple. Even 5 minutes in the sun will have beneficial effects.

If your vitamin D levels are really low than you need to spend 2-4 hours in the sun every day if you want to improve your condition. If this is “mission impossible” for you take 5,000-7,000 IU daily.

If you start taking the supplement and the headaches are still there, try to take magnesium as well. Taking magnesium supplement or sunflower seeds may help. This combination should help against the headache, back and joint pain.