The Healing Power of Nettle Tea


People have known nettle since ancient times when it was used as a healing plant. Nettle tea contains vitamins, tannins, chlorophyll and iron, that normalize the metabolism and lower the level of fat in the body, improve blood counts and act beneficial on blood circulation in the body. But this is only the beginning of the long list of healing properties of nettle tea.healing power of nettle tea

Here are some useful informations about nettle tea

Ideal with kidney problems

Because of the high content of potassium, nettle has diuretic effect and is used for treating infections of the urinary tract, and also helps in preventing the occurrence of kidney stones.

Strengthens blood

Nettle contains iron and the tea helps creating red blood cells, purifies the blood and has a beneficial effect in the treatment of anemia and fatigue.

Reduces cough. Helps with respiratory diseases, thus reducing secretions and purifies the lungs. Favorable impact in asthma and allergies.


Also helps supplying the body with oxygen, and is recommended for problems with the scalp and hair, it gives shine and volume to the hair. Nettle helps to beautiful tanned skin on the face, as well as it treats eczema, psoriasis and acne.

Helps with weight loss

Drinking nettle tea reduces appetite, cleanses the body of toxins, making it an ideal tool for weight loss. Regular drinking nettle tea soothes sore muscles. Nettle tea reduces the level of sugar in the blood.