The Color Of Your Urine Reveals A Lot About Your Current Health!


The color of your urine may be a detector of many health problems. For example, if it has a light yellow color, you probably drink vitamin supplements, but if it is cloudy, you probably have a bacterial infection. The Daily Mail checked with experts about the detail the meaning of each color.

The Color Of Your Urine Reveals A Lot About Your Current Health!

1. Pale yellow urine – normal, healthy urine is 96 percent water, the remainder consisting of waste products, and the urine is usually pale yellow color of the pigment for which the urohrom is responsible. On the other hand, it is a by-product of bile pigment.

” The ideal situation is when you can read a newspaper through a clear bottle full with urine. If it has a darker color, it is a sign that you may need to drink more water,”said urologist Marc Laniado.

2. Transparent urine – if you drink plenty of fluids, it will dilute the yellow pigment and the urine will be more transparent. Such an effect can be caused by drinking diuretics which stimulate frequent elimination of water from the body. However, one of 25 000 people suffering from diabetes insipidus,has such urine as a symptom.

3. Light yellow urine – more frequently caused by vitamin supplements.

4.Orange or dark urine– sends the message that you are probably dehydrated or have jaundice. Drink more fluids!

5. Blue urine – the most likely explanation for this color is eating large amounts of food colored in blue, for example. Frosting on cakes and sweets. Urine may be blue and methylene blue, an antibacterial drug for urinary infection or anemia.

6.Green urine – bacteria can produce pigments as a byproduct, of blue green, yellow through red to reddish brown. Pseudomonas aeruginosa causing cystitis urine can paint in green if there is a urinary tract infection from the intestine and lead to infection.

7. Brown / black urine – this color causes senna, an ingredient of most laxatives.

8. White or blurred urine – you probably have a bacterial infection.

Turbid urine can cause crystals and minerals like calcium and phosphorus, and this may be due to the consumption of foods rich in phosphates such as milk, cheese and the like. In these cases there is no reason for concern.