The Best Home Remedy to Grow Thick and Long Eyelashes


To most women, beautiful eyelashes are just as important as long, thick and healthy hair. On the plus side, eyelashes are much easier to take care of than hair. However, the results of beautiful and thick eyelashes will not be instantly visible as with hair. In fact, it can take a couple of months before you get the desired results.

Here are a few tricks to get beautiful, thick and long eyelashes in a natural way.

The Best Home Remedy to Grow Thick and Long Eyelashes

  1. Thoroughly remove make-up before going to bed

You’ll probably find this piece of advice a bit silly, but makeup can actually clog pores and prevent your skin from breathing. The area around your eyes is particularly sensitive because the skin is thinner there. Mascara is very greasy and heavy and also prevents your lashes from breathing properly, so make sure you remove all eye makeup before you go to bed.

  1. Olive and castor oil

Mix a small amount of olive and castor oil, then apply on your eyelashes using light and gentle movements. This useful home trick stimulates the growth of thick and beautiful eyelashes. You can use olive oil only if you can’t obtain castor oil.

  1. Green tea

Boil a small amount of green tea and let it cool, then gently wash your eyelids and eye area. Green tea also stimulates the growth of longer, thicker and stronger lashes.

  1. Vaseline

Apply some Vaseline on your eyelashes before going to bed every night. It will help your eyelashes to grow thicker and faster.

  1. Trim them

If you want to improve the bad state of the eyelashes, this is also one way. Handle your scissors carefully, or ask someone to do it for you. Trimming your lashes can actually stimulate their growth.

Along with these tricks, it’s really important to have a healthy lifestyle and high-quality balanced nutrition. Eggs, meat, apples, green leafy vegetables are just some of the foods that affect the health of your eyes and eyelashes.

Therefore, remember that it is important to eat healthy, exercise, and never skip breakfast!