Super Healthy Fruit Smoothie


Some ofSuper Healthy Fruit Smoothie the healthiest fruits along with some other healthy supplements is located in this cocktail which can provide us with good health and long life.

French scientists say that they have managed to produce a cocktail of seven kinds of fruit which may ensure a long and healthy life. As they say, this cocktail improves health, reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke, and most importantly, has a very nice flavor.

This super-smoothie contains grapes, apples, blueberries and strawberries. There are some other exotic accessories that resemble cranberries and cherries with a huge amount of vitamin C. Extremely important ingredient is aronia, which some experts describe as the healthiest berries in the world.

Scientists claim that this cocktail contains the healthiest and most delicious combinations of fruit juices. The powerful cocktail is carefully tested in laboratory which revealed that there is indeed a beneficial effect on the body. It increases blood flow to the body and supplies the body with healthy nutrients and substances.

This cocktail has strong antioxidant properties and can partially repair damaged DNA molecules. Of course , we remark scientists still need further research , but right now it is clear that it is a very powerful potion that could achieve magnificent success.