Scientists Are Urging Anyone Who Uses A Loofah To Throw It Out Or Prepare For The Worst


Loofahs are a commonly used item in the shower. We love it because it makes our skin softer, exfoliates it and stimulates circulation. When we’re done we usually hang it on a hook or the faucet and leave it there for our next shower. Moreover, we do this believing it’s extremely good for our skin!scientists-are-urging-anyone-who-uses-a-loofah-to-throw-it-out-or-prepare-for-the-worst

However, dermatologists advise against the use of this beloved puff because it could be doing more harm than good. J. Matthew Knight, a dermatologist from the Knight Dermatology Institute says that when we use the loofah in the shower it removes the dead skin cells from our skin, which is good, but the bad thing is that those dead cells get trapped in the puff layers, creating the perfect bacteria-breeding ground. And when we leave it in the shower after we’re done, the moisture that remains in the loofah causes bacteria to fester inside this puff, leading to the growth of mold and yeast. Furthermore, using the loofah after shaving can lead to infections, especially if you nick the skin and cause skin problems and rashes.

If you just can’t live without your loofah, you should take some measures of precautions. Rinse it thoroughly after you use it and keep it away from the shower to make sure it’s dry. Replace it often, at least once a month so that you’re sure there’s nothing hiding within. If you notice an unpleasant smell coming from the loofah it’s probably due to the bacteria inside so you should replace it with a new one.

If you don’t want to part with it, then you should better rinse it off after you use it on your skin and take it away from the shower so that it can dry. Replace the puff with a new one every couple of months in order to make sure nothing hides inside. Smell it and if it is unpleasant, then you should get rid of it. It probably comes from the bacteria. Just buy a new one.