Reasons Why You Should Reduce Consumption Of Processed Foods


How often you consume foods that contain artificial ingredients and additives? If products such as different kinds of salami and other meaty  processing are often  on your menu, you should consider what you enter in your organism.

According to lifehack, processed food makes you fatter, causing disease and practically reduces your life expectancy. Below you can read why you should reduce the amount of processed food that you consume.Reasons why you should reduce consumption of processed foods

70% of calories come from processed foods

Seven of ten things that an average person consumes containing supplements. To such data came journalist Melanie Warner, who published the book Pandora’s Lunchbox: How Processed Food Took Over the American Meal. Of course, these data refer to the United States, but probably the rest of  developed world is not far  from this rate.

Makes an addiction

There’s a reason why you can not be sated from processed foods. This food is also made to make you addictive on it. Processed food stimulates secretion of dopamine, which has a similar effect on the brain as using drugs. Food companies know this secret and produce products according to this formula to achieve the effect, or to make you dependent on their products.

Shortens life expectancy

There is a study that showed that processed foods shortens life expectancy.

Makes you fatter

Chips, soft drinks, different types of sweets are the fastest way to overweight.

 Culprit of greatest number of modern disease

The overall impression of over 100 studies conducted is that almost all diseases of modern time partly are consequence to the modern diet rich with processed foods.

Processed foods reduces the body’s ability to burn calories

Consumption of these foods reduces the ability of the body to burning calories up to 50%.

Meat which adversely affect the health

Bacon, ham, sausage … It’s really delicious, but the effects of their consumption can be devastating. Studies have shown that consumption of such foods can cause heart disease, diabetes and shortens life expectancy.