7 Reasons Why The Day Should Start With A Glass Of Lemon Water !


Flavonoids in citrus fruits improve digestion of food, and vitamin C reduces the risk of gastric ulcer.

 4. Cleans the skin

Vitamin C as the antioxidants in lemons reduce the damage that the free radicals are making. Free radicals are formed because of the UV radiation and toxins in the environment and  are responsible for the symptoms of aging. Water with lemon will make miracles with your skin, because it will help you in ejecting the toxins from the body.

 5. Accelerates healing

Ascorbic acid from the lemon helps in healing of wounds and is an essential nutrient in maintaining the tissue healthy. Vitamin C also has anti-inflamed effects. Vitamin C is the main nutrient for health preservation and repairing from stress and injuries.

 6. Moisturizer

If you start your day with a glass of lukewarm water and lemon you will accelerate metabolism and will release the toxins during the day.

 7. Energizes

Lemon will give you the necessary energy to end with your daily obligations and will help you in reducing anxiety and low mood. Even smelling a lemon has a soothing effect.