Prevent The Pain In Your Bones!


The natural remedy we recommend here is extremely beneficial for treatment of osteoporosis, back pain, bone and joint pain and arthritis. In fact, if you have older members in your family, they will surely already know about this highly effective recipe.

This recipe has proved extremely helpful in all who’ve tried it. What people normally experience after using it is rejuvenated bones. Their bone and joint pain disappear along with the heaviness that’s normally felt in legs. You no longer need to spend money on expensive ointments and gels if you are suffering from back or joint pain, or you have some past injuries. This recipe of only a few simple ingredients will do more than over-the-counter anti-inflammatory products.

Prevent The Pain In Your Bones!


  • 100ml iodine
  • 300ml 70% alcohol (it’s easily obtainable in drug stores)
  • 10 pills – analgin, andol or aspirin


Start by crushing the pills then mixing them with the alcohol and the iodine. Leave the ingredients to blend well for 21 days. The remedy is ready for use after this period.

Apply the mixture directly on the painful spot or use it as coating.