Press And Hold This Point On Your Chest To Instantly Relieve Stress And Anxiety


In the Chinese culture there are a number of traditional healing practices which have been used for centuries and are slowly starting to get accepted in the Western culture. Herbal medicine, dietary therapy, meditation, massage and even tai chi are becoming more and more popular in the West and many people express their satisfaction from the effectiveness of these practices.

What is Acupressure?

Acupressure may be one of the most widely used practice for relaxation and relief and is consisted of applying pressure on certain points of your body. It’s similar to acupuncture but instead of needles you use pressure on the designated points of relief. The Chinese have been using this practice for over 2500 years so we must believe it’s effective!press-and-hold-this-point-on-your-chest-to-instantly-relieve-stress-and-anxiety

Unlike the medicinal practices in Eastern cultures, Western medicine mainly relies on pharmaceutical drugs and scientific research. The East focusses mostly on incorporating mental, spiritual and physical health and on the overall nature of people.

Acupressure channels the body’s inner energy, or chi, and helps to relieve stress and anxiety and restore your inner balance. It can help with pain relief, muscular tension, cirrculation and encourage deep relaxation. The best thing is that you can try it at home and achieve great results!

How To Use Acupressure At Home

  • Using your finger or thumb gently apply pressure on the area between your eyebrows and hold it like that for 45 seconds
  • Start pressing harder while pushing upward to the midpoint of your forehead and repeat for 1 minute
  • Take deep breaths and let yourself go into relaxation mode
  • Now place your finger gently between your eyebrows again, now start at the slope of your nose
  • Simultaneously, press the middle of your sternum, between your pectorals

This technique provides relief from headaches and reduces your stress levels by stimulating deep breathing. Applying pressure on your chest on the other hand, should give you a mood boost and make you feel better.

If you like here are some other acupressure points that help with anxiety and stress which you coult also try: