ONE-DAY DIET: Mix Tea With Milk And Lose 2 Pounds In a Day!


Tea has a number of health benefits, regardless of its basic ingredients. When combined with milk it can help you lose extra weight.

It is recommended that you use green tea with milk since this combination is a real detoxifying bomb. Also, it will help you lose 2 kg in a day. The ratio of tea and milk should be 50:50 and you should consume it 20 minutes before a meal. For best results, use green or black tea.

ONE-DAY DIET Mix Tea With Milk And Lose 2 Pounds In a Day!

Furthermore, this mixture can cleanse your body from toxins.

Note: Do not consume the mixture more than twice a month. Also, people who are milk intolerant or have problems with kidneys and gallbladder should not start the diet. In addition, people who suffer from a chronic disease should consult their doctor before starting the diet.