NASA-Recommended: 18 Plants That Purify The Air We Breathe


Plants are a wonderful addition to every home and many people just love having plants at home. They look beautiful, make our home look warmer and purify the air inside, which is very important.

Trees and plants produce carbon dioxide and convert it into oxygen, the thing we cannot live without. Some plants do a better job than others; even though they all produce oxygen and they’re all good to have around. There have been multiple studies into the air-purification abilities of different types of plants but we believe that the most credible study is definitely the one from NASA called “NASA’s Clean Air Study”.  According to this study there are 18 plants which are the most effective ones for air purification and NASA suggested that we should all have at least one of these plants in our house.

Look at the info-graphic below to find the 18 plants which will help you filtrate the air inside and improve your overall health.air-filtering-indoor-plants