Mudra Therapy: Hand Alignments for Holistic Health


A person’s health lies in his hands! They are particularly blessed with different types wellness. The four fingers and the thumb represent the five major building blocks or the ‘Panchamahabhootas’ of which the entire universe is made viz. Sky (Ether), Air, Fire, Water and Earth.

Natural science says, disease is nothing but a limitation that emerges in the continuity and balance of these five elements.

The Philosophy of Mudra Therapy

Mudra therapy believes that the five fingers correspond to the five basic elements viz. Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth.

• Thumb – The Fire (Agni) • Index finger – The Air (Vayu) • Middle finger – The ether (Aakash) • Ring finger – The earth (Prithvi) • Small finger – The Water (Jala) So as to bring back the balance in the five elements, there are some specific methods of touching and aligning the fingers with each other. These are referred to as ‘Hast-Mudras’ and this easy and doable therapy may be practiced anytime as an augmented relief from your malady as well as a handy tool for restoring your wellness.Mudra Therapy Hand Alignments for Holistic Health

How To Use Mudra Therapy Hand Alignments For Holistic Health

Use Akash Mudra For Ear problems; Dhyan Mudra: For Concentration of power, Depression, and for all Mind related problems Hridya Mudra: For Heart Disease, Asthma, and Respiration related diseases Jala Mudra: This is for blood purification and all skin diseases. Prana Mudra: Eye problems, Nervous problems and charges all parts of the body. Surya Mudra: Obesity, Cholesterol etc. Vayu Mudra: For joint pains, stomach problems etc. Prithvi Mudra: For peace of mind, Energy etc.

These Are The Various Types of Mudras

Gyan Mudra

Joining tip of the thumb with that of the index finger forms this alignment. This is particularly beneficial for increasing the brainpowers of memory and concentration. Also recommended during meditation, this Mudra provides a soothing and calming effect to the mind. Those suffering from mental ailments like depression, anxiety, loss of sleep, stress etc may find relief on practicing the same. Not only this, in case you tend to remain angry and irritable and everyday circumstances and lose your cool easily, try this wise and find the difference.

Dhyana Mudra

In this wise, you simply need to overlap your left hand with the right hand and keep falling in your lap. This alignment of the hands also tends to soothe your nerves tensed up. Practice this regularly to combat the everyday stress and strain and also for meditation. Varuna Mudra This Mudra is formed when you touch the tip of your little finger to that of your thumb. As specified earlier, the little finger represents the water element. Thus, the Varuna Mudra is particularly beneficial for dehydration. This may be also practiced for dry skin problems and it also works as natural blood purifier.

Surya Mudra

This mudra is news for all those who are evidently concerned about their expanding waistlines. This alignment has been particularly recommended for combating heaviness and obesity. For this particular alignment, you need to simply fix the ring finger and the root of the thumb and press the thumb over it.

Aayu Wise

This may be rightly termed as ‘Pain Killer’ alignment of the hand. The index finger is established in the root of the thumb and pressed with the thumb. Air or Watt (being the root cause of pain in the body) is suppressed by the fire causing a reduction in the same. This is recommended for the patients of joint pains.

Prithvi Mudra

For those who feel the need to gain a few pounds and attain fullness in their body, this wise needs to be practiced. For this, all you need to do is to touch the tip of the ring finger with that of the thumb and keep the contact steady for some time everyday.

Prana Mudra

This mudra has been especially designed for attaining immune power so as to stay clear of body as well as mind disease. Also, it imparts a glowing complexion to the skin as it radiates blood-purifying properties. It is also beneficial for those suffering from eye ailments. For making this hand alignment, you need to join the tip of the thumb with the type of little and ring finger. Keeping other two fingers straight.

 Apana Mudra

In this particular alignment, you need to touch the tip of your thumb to the tips of each middle finger and ring finger. The index finger and small finger should be held upright. Those suffering from frequent problem of abdominal wind may attain relief on practicing this wise.

Linga Mudra

For respiratory maladies especially with increased phlegm and secretions, this comes as a wise help. It is particularly recommended for asthmatic patients and also for those who have increased ‘Kapha’ in their body system. All you need to do is to clasp the fingers of both hands together and keep one thumb upright.

Hridya Wise

This mudra has been particularly designed for the heart patients. Patients of high blood pressure and palpitations may drive favorable results from practicing the same. The index finger is to be kept steady in the root of the thumb. Next touch the tip of the thumb to that of the middle finger and ring finger together. Keep the little finger straight up.

Shunaya Wise

The middle finger is to be kept at the base of the thumb and the thumb exerts little pressure on it. This alignment may be tried at the time of pain in the ears. Those suffering from diseases of the gums may also benefit by the same.