The Most Effective Way of Reducing High Blood Pressure in 5 Minutes without Medication


Hypertension or high blood pressure is a common cardiovascular condition, which if left untreated can lead to a number of serious health complications, especially in relation to your heart health.  There are various factors that increase the blood pressure including excessive stress, sleep deficiency, obesity, sodium-packed foods, smoking and increased alcohol consumption.

If you are affected with this condition, be aware that your lifestyle can significantly affect the results of the treatment. In fact, a healthy lifestyle can help you reduce your blood pressure without having to use medications.

This condition is quite common in the US. The following risk factors can help you determine if you are at risk of developing high blood pressure:

    • Excessive stress
    • Too much fattening or acidic foods in your diet
    • Obesity
    • Lack of sleep
    • Smoking
    • Alcohol consumption
    • Family history

When it comes to natural treatments of hypertension, Chinese medicine seems to hold the most efficient remedy. This natural treatment of hypertension is even advised by Lu Hun Sen, the doctor of the Moscow soccer club “Spartak”.

The Most Effective Way of Reducing High Blood Pressure in 5 Minutes Without Medication

Point 1 – 2

The line that connects points 1 and 2 goes behind the ear cartilage to the center of the neckline bone. What you do is gently press this line from one point to the other using your fingertips only. Make sure you don’t rub or press too hard. Repeat 10 times on one side then swap sides and do another set of 10.

Point 3

This line starts at the height of your earlobe, approximately half an inch away from your ear, and ends towards your nose.

What you do is massage both sides with your fingertips for about a minute. Again, make sure you don’t press too hard as you could feel pain. You should only feel slight pressure.

Massaging these two points on your face will stimulate blood flow and reduce high blood pressure at the same time.

Source: Healthy Recipes Home