Here Is What You Need To Check Next Time You Buy Bottled Water


Consumers are advised to frequently check the bottom of bottled water for medical reasons.

Plastic water bottles that are marked with the letters HDP, HDPE, PP and several others do not emit hazardous constituents in the water, while the other letters may indicate the chemicals in the water we drink.Here Is What You Need To Check Next Time You Buy Bottled Water

Because each manufacturer must mark the composition of the bottle, now with our help you can recognize the poisonous water and save your health.

PET or PETE – means bottles intended for a single use. It is possible to emit heavy metals and chemicals that can affect the hormonal balance.

HDP or HDPE – it’s the plastic that emits the least chemicals. Water packed in these bottles is the purest and most recommended.

PVC or 3V – releases 2 toxic chemicals that also affect the hormones in the body.

LDPE – plastics that mustn’t be used for making bottles, but plastic bags, although it does not emit chemicals into the water.

PP – another white or semi transparent plastic, which is used for packaging syrups and cups of yogurt.

PS – emits carcinogenic substance, and is commonly used for making coffee cups and containers for fast food.

PC or plastics without markings – the worst plastic in food production which emits the chemical BPA, and is often used for sports bottles and containers for storing food.

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