5 Tricks For Easy Weight Loss


It is much harder to resist food in the fall and winter is not it? One of the reason is that we spend more time at home and we visit the kitchen more often. We give you five interesting tricks for easy weight loss.

5 Tricks For Easy Weight Loss

1.       Smell banana, apple or peppermint

Survey of three thousand volunteers proved that when they smell food they are less hungry and lose more weight. One theory says that  is happening because when we smell food we are lying the brain that we eat.

2.       Place a mirror opposite while you are eating
If you eat in front of a mirror, you can eat a third less. Watching ourselfs while we eat we remember our own goals and why we want to lose weight.

3.       Surround yourself with blue color

There is a good reason why the restaurants are not decorated in blue. The blue color reduces the appetite.Serve the meal on blue plates, dress in blue while you eat or put blue tablecloth. Avoid red, yellow and orange.

4.       Capture everything you eat

Instead of writing down what you have eaten,capture it. Every time you want to reach for food, look what you have already eaten. It will help you to consider whether you are hungry, but also to prevent overeating.

5.       Tight yoursef around your waist

Many French carry a rope around their  waist under their clothes when they go to a restaurant. This way they can not overeat because the rope is too tight.