Five Best Foods Against Stress


Sometimes, to fight stress just need to choose the right foods.
If you seem to have lost control and Everything  go wrong, breathe deeply, and select any of the food placed on this list:


Vitamin C that is found in oranges,and in other citrus fruits,will help you to survive stressful business presentations or job interviews,because this vitamin  can reduce blod pressure and lead to a faster return to normal of the level of tress hormones.Therefore it would be a great day if we make fresh orange juice or eat as snack this fruit.

Bananas 80
Stress speeds up the metabolism, which in turn causes depletion of stocks of potassium, which is a key source of energy. Keep bananas, rich in potassium on your desk as a first aid in stressful situations.
Under the stress sometimes jaw tighten and therefore a good idea to nibbling something that will help you get rid of unpleasant muscle tension. The healthiest option of all snacks are fresh carrots.

Besides being full of vitamin E – which is great for stimulating the immune system, almonds also contain B vitamins which can help the body to cope with stress and anxiety.

This vegetable contains magnesium, which helps reduce stress, relax the body and prevents headaches.