Every Woman Should Know This Trick! Here’s Why!


Although most women have an extra sanitary pad in their purse, just few may know that these common hygienic items come in handy in a number of situations excluding your period. What makes them the perfect alternatives to many other items is the fact that they are wrapped in cotton and individually packed in waterproof foils.

These are just some situations when hygienic pads are extremely convenient to use:

  • Cover and protect wounds – You can easily use a sanitary pad to stop bleeding in case you don’t have a Band-Aid with you or in case your bandages have been soiled with grime or dirt. Simply cut the pad in as large a piece as you need and apply on the cut/wound pressing lightly. Secure it with some tape. It will absorb the blood and it’s completely safe to use because of its sanitary packaging. In addition, its surface can hold medicated ointment which not only prevents contamination, but also speeds up the healing process.


  • Filter dirty water before boiling for drinking – This may sound as a surprise, but sanitary pads can be used as water filters. If you find yourself in a situation where you only have a dirty water source, use these napkins as filters. Fill a large container with water. Take a sanitary napkin, preferably unscented, and place it over the mouth of the container. To keep it in place, secure it tightly with a tape. Although this method is not 100% effective and cannot remove all the harmful materials and bacteria from the water, it can still filter all the dust and even some metals.
  • Clean up wet messes – Sanitary pads are an amazing alternative to paper towel. Even better, they are great small-sized disposable cleanup pad. Those with baking soda in them are the best for this use. If you have a dirty microwave, soak a sanitary napkin in water and nuke it for 1 minute. This will steam up the inside of the microwave and soften everything that’s stuck on the walls. When this is over, use the same pad to wipe the food residues If necessary, you can repeat the process. And, that’s not all. Use a sanitary pad to soak up melted ice cream and remove any liquid mess in the fridge. The pads with baking soda are perfect for absorbing odors from the fridge. Just open the pad and place it in the fridge. You can use the sticky side to place it on the wall. It will automatically absorb all the odors.

  • Breast pads – Use hygienic pads if you are breastfeeding or suffering from leaky boob syndrome. Simply cut it in half and stick it into your
  • Control your sweating – Another not so common use of sanitary pads is using pads as disposable and deodorizing shoe pads. You can easily get rid of sweaty feet and bad odors by putting a pad inside your shoe before putting it on. Plus, pads make a perfect instant armpit sweat protector. Just stick them inside the shirt armpits and replace them with new ones when they are soaked. Also, you can use sanitary pads as headbands to wipe the sweat from your forehead.
  • Make a cheaper eye shadow shield – This trick works wonders when you don’t want your eye shadow to get everywhere. Cut the pad in 3 equal pieces. Take one, peel off the covering and stick it on the back of your hand This is to reduce the stickiness. Then, stick it onto your cheeks under your eyes. Leave the rest of the pad stick out.
  • Grow some beans or alfalfa seeds – Soak a pad with water to the maximum then place it in a glass jar lying horizontally. Sprinkle some beans or alfalfa seedson the pad. Place the jar in a sunny location. The seeds will start sprouting in no time.

Via healthytipsworld.net