Chew On this Root to Melt Away Plaque and Prevent Cavities


Teeth are the most ignored aspect of health, to be honest, brushing your teeth is not an action that crosses your mind when preparing your schedule. If you have ever after biting an apple, ice cream or marshmallow experience toothache, than the fallowing is definitely for you.

Brushing teeth in the morning can be totally irritating. It is not funny at all, and the food has bad taste after few hours, but it is time consuming more than anything. But brushing teeth important for your social statues and your physical health.

Chew On this Root to Melt Away Plaque and Prevent Cavities

Let be honest, nobody likes to have conversation with people who have yellow teeth, or treble breath.

The teeth are significant. So why to use toothpaste witch has harsh chemicals that will turn your teeth into “pearly white paper”? Nature has given us organic and safe substitute solutions that will finish the make this job done.


There is a natural product called trans-chalcone, similar as chemicals that are in licorice root, and is helping to avoid bacteria in oral cavities that cause the creation of plaque and acid which lead to tooth falling-off.

How It Works

Using mouth wash and brushing your teeth are great way to have clean teeth, but they both come with side effects or surface destruction. You have to eat foot that has chemical trans-chalcone if you want health ad clean teeth for long time.

Bacteria in your mouth are absorbing sugar from foods and drinks and then changing them into tooth decaying acid. Then they creates tiny layer of biofilm on the teeth and gives them irregular color, bad odor, and slimy feeling. If we don’t take care of these bacteria, we can have tooth lost and sometimes halitosis.

The chemicals are blocking compounds in the salivation that permits the microorganisms that flourish in the mouth and attach themselves to teeth. Despite the fact that this chemicals does not give your breath a minty aroma, it will eliminate the bad smell from your breath.

Scientist are trying to find a way to implement this chemicals into oral hygiene products. They prove that if we chew plants like licorice root we will introduce these chemicals into our body, but the amount at which it is most beneficial is still not knowing.

If you want to start with oral hygiene without chemicals found in today’s products, then try to chew a bit of licorice root. It has great taste and it will clean your teeth more than ever.