Check If Something Is Wrong With Your Inner Organs In Less Than 1 Minute Just By Doing This


We all want to know the state and condition of our inner organs and the state of our overall health in general. However, medical tests and examinations can be quite costly and if we don’t feel like there’s something is wrong with us we usually don’t decide to go to the doctor’s office. What if we told you that you can check your internal organs at home with a spoon? You’ll probably think that we’re crazy, but it’s true and we’ll show you how you can do it. All you need is a spoon a plastic bag and 1 minute of your time.Check If Something Is Wrong With Your Inner Organs In Less Than 1 Minute Just By Doing This

This test can reveal if there’s something wrong with your intestines, metabolism, hormones, respiratory system and kidneys.

This test couldn’t be simpler and this is what you need to do. Take a metal spoon and scrape your tongue with it. Start from the end of your tongue, close to the throat and make sure you take enough saliva. Wrap the spoon with the plastic bag and leave it aside for a minute. After a minute take out the spoon and check it for residue. If the spoon is clean it means that your organs are in top condition and you just need to smell the spoon to be 100% sure. If it smells like saliva you’re done with the test and there’s nothing to worry. If, on the other hand, it has some specific smell continue reading below to determine what’s wrong.

Place the spoon under the light

  • Orange color is related to kidney problems, including chronic renal disease
  • Purple color is related to high cholesterol, bronchitis or poor circulation.
  • White color is related to respiratory infection.
  • Thick white or yellow color is connected to a thyroid disorder.

If the spoon emits a bad odor it means your breath probably smells bad and there’s a simple solution for this. Maybe you should improve your dental hygiene and floss more regularly, gargle twice a day and brush your teeth more often. On the other hand, it may be something more serious. For example:

  • Ammonia smell can be a sign of poor kidney function
  • Sweet smell may mean that you have diabetes or high blood sugar levels
  • Unrecognizable smell can be linked to a respiratory or gastric problem

We know that this test can’t determine with certainty what’s wrong with your internal organs but it can at least tell you if you need to see a doctor or not. If the test is positive you should consult with your doctor and check it out for sure.

Natural remedies and alternative medicine is the safest and least invasive way of treatment and it often gives amazing results. Conventional medicine can sometimes have negative side-effects and instead of resolving the existing problem it can lead to new ones. That’s why it’s good to try the natural alternative first and see if there are positive results.

The method we described here is very simple, won’t cost you anything and it’s completely un-invasive. Just have in mind that it cannot be a substitute for a professional diagnosis from a certified medical professional. That’s why it’s recommended to consult with your doctor if you notice something wrong.