Burn These Leaves In The Centre Of Your Home And Most Of Your Problems Disappear In 10 Minutes


Used since ancient times to honor the winners of the Olympics, laurel bay leaves are much more than just a kitchen condiment. The thing is bay leaves have a century-long tradition of being part of natural medicine. Their unique medicinal properties including strong anti-inflammatory and soothing effects were recognized and used even by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans.

Even today, many natural medicine practitioners acknowledge the amazing health benefits of bay leaves, which include reduction of hypertension, protection against insomnia and stress, as well as control over blood cholesterol levels. In addition, it was believed that bay leaves can support the treatment of epilepsy.

Burn These Leaves In The Centre Of Your Home And Most Of Your Problems Disappear In 10 Minutes

To reap the health benefits of bay leaves, you can add them to your meals when being cooked, or you can carefully light them in a heat-resistant bowl and let the aroma slowly spread around the house. Burning bay leaves is highly beneficial for relaxing your muscles, calming your mind and improving your mood.

There’s no doubt – once you try burning some bay leaves in your house, you’ll want to do it again!

 I bet not many of you know that the distinct smell these leaves provide has an incredibly soothing effect on the human body.

The method is quite simple – just burn a few bay leaves in at heat proof bowl or an ashtray and leave the smell to fill your house. The fragrance will provide soothing effects on your mind and body.

Although both dry and fresh bay leaves can be used for the purpose, dry ones are more effective because their smell is stronger.

The list of health benefits of burning bay leaves includes:

  • calming the nervous system,
  • boosting the immune system,
  • improving mental activity,
  • stimulating the sweating process and
  • relieving pain.

Via healthylifetricks.com