Be Careful! Lead, Urine and Cyanide Found In These Products!


Have you ever experienced an allergic reaction to cosmetic products purchased cheaper over the Internet or from street vendors?


These products are manufactured in unhygienic conditions and contain a number of harmful chemicals.

London police launched a major educational campaign to warn their citizens of the dangers of purchasing cosmetic products of dubious origin.

The laboratory testing of copies of famous cosmetics, perfumes, creams, revealed numerous toxic chemicals, including arsenic, cyanide and urine. It was also shown that the sunscreen does not protect against harmful UV rays.

How the copies are often produced in unsanitary facilities, in which they found high levels of lead and mercury.

In the last 18 months the department for the fight against intellectual property theft London police, shut down more than 5,500 Web sites that are selling fake luxury goods.

Their message is: if they offer a product that is too good to be true, then it is probably fake. Therefore, be careful with ordering cheap cosmetics, as you can pay the price with your life.