Are you Aware How Important is to Massage Your Feet before Going to Sleep?


The self massaging is one of the techniques that we can use and gain the many benefits it has to offer for our health.

The experts are acknowledging the importance and benefits of the massage and self massage on our feet.

Multiple positive effects

The massage is very helpful for our blood circulation, the secretion is eliminated from the sebaceous and sweat glands, the subcutaneous adipose tissue and fat are cleared, the metabolism is enhanced, i.e. the flow of nutrients in the tissues is accelerated, the oxidation of the tissue is enhanced and the lymph swelling will be gone because the skin gets a firmer tone, becomes more flexible, looks healthier and younger.

Are you Aware How Important is to Massage Your Feet before Going to Sleep

The overall state of the muscles which are moving our whole body depends on the form and look.

The massage impacts the muscles by extending them, in other words they decrease and then become firmer but more relaxed, because while massaging the milk acid sediment is eliminated and the risk of cramps and pain in the muscles will be greatly reduced.

In addition, the massage not only stimulates and eases the digestion, but is also one of the ways to cure particular conditions.

On the photo you can notice that every section of the feet is related with particular organ, and by massaging certain spot on your feet you will affect the related organ.

It is proved that by massaging and pressuring some particular feet sections, you can cure various organ ailments and you can reduce some pain too. Apply a massage on your feet before going to bed, and it is highly recommended to repeat this massage every day. It will take only 10-15 minutes from your time.

If you are experiencing some condition or ailment, you can try this massage. All you need to do is to massage the right point on your feet, or you can massage your whole feet which will affect positively on your entire body.