7 Ways Yoga Can Help You Lose Weight


Although the first association many people get when they think of yoga is sitting cross-legged in a yoga studio meditating passively for 60 minutes, the essence of it is in fact intensity, deep breathing, sweating, and weight-loss.

Yoga lovers will be familiar that there are many types of yoga including Anusara, Vinyasa and Bikram, but POWER YOGA is the one that can actually do wonders for your physical appearance, get you in shape or help you mix-up your workout if you’ve reached a plateau.

The thing about Power Yoga is that every class is a workout, i.e. a test of endurance for both the body and mind. You should know that sweating is assured; water is essential; and becoming stronger and leaner are just natural results.

7 Ways Yoga Can Help You Lose Weight

But, don’t feel pressured that you have to be a power yogi so as to achieve the benefits of yoga, especially the weight-loss benefits of yoga. One thing is certain, there are a number of reasons yoga can help you reduce your waist line.

1. It Stimulates Natural Strength Building.  First of all, yoga stimulates improved metabolism and overall muscle strength due to the fact that your muscles are activated in many postures, especially in the balancing poses.

2. It Increases Your Heart Rate And Activates Internal Body Heat. Second, your cardio system is stimulated to the maximum without the heart being strained. The ‘sun salutation series’ are especially beneficial for this.

3. It Stimulates Your GI (gastrointestinal) Tract’s Vital Force.  Next, all types of back-bending postures in yoga stimulate the entire abdominal area as well as flex the spinal cord to create more overall flexibility. This is particularly important for the digestive system because a weak GI tract results in poor digestion and weight gain. Also, your metabolism slows down due to a sluggish liver. On the other hand, a strong liver improves your digestion, resulting in less waiting time in the GI tract.

4. Flexing The Colon Will Help Unclog Waste. ‘Bandhas’ or inner ‘locks’ that hold energy within certain areas of the body as well as harmonize your vital energy are extremely beneficial for this. These exercises can also help tone abs. 5. It Alleviates “Comfort Food” Binging. Most, but not all, yoga classes end in ‘savasana.’ It seems easy but it’s in fact a challenging posture of relaxation where you learn to relax every muscle in your body, aligning your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. If it’s done correctly, it opens up energy channels in the body thus curing ailments and relieving the tension that calls for “comfort food” binging.

6. It Activates Your Thyroid Gland.  In addition, some yoga exercises, like shoulder stand, can stimulate your thyroid gland, and it is your thyroid gland that regulates your metabolism, thus playing a crucial role in maintaining a healthy weight.

7. Detoxification. Finally, harmful toxins can be removed from your body with the help of twisting postures. For one thing, toxins and pesticides are held onto in fatty tissues to help dilute their toxicity. So when these are disposed of, the body no longer has a need for the fat cells previously used as a buffer.

In case you still haven’t tried yoga, you should look up classes in your area or surf the web for videos. Signing up for virtual yoga classes is also an option. One thing is guaranteed, yoga is an extremely efficient way to achieve a healthy balance between your body and mind.

Source: www.curejoy.com