5 Things You Should Know About Losing Neck And Face Fat


If you feel you have some extra pounds on your face read on and find out the best ways to get rid of that fat build up.

1. Stay Hydrated

Take care of your daily water intake. Drink about 8 glasses of water a day to make sure you don’t get bloated hands, face, ankles and feet. Scientist also connect these issues with the excess amounts of sugar and salt intake.

2. Treat Food Intolerances

Some food allergies like irritable bowel syndrome and gluten sensitivity might contribute to fuller face and bloating. It is a sign that there is something wrong with your digestive system.5 Things You Should Know About Losing Neck And Face Fat

3. Healthy Lifestyle

Changing the way you eat and leading a healthy lifestyle can help you to get rid of the face fat. Eat more fruit and vegetables and vitamins, and reduce your intake of processed sugars and salt. Also ,make sure you enter enough fiber to help your body get rid of cholesterol and excess water.

4. Cheeks Exercise

There are workouts that help you slim down your face. One of them goes like this, put your thumbs at the back of the most fleshy part of each cheek under the cheekbones. Using your fingertips, grab as much flesh as you can. Pull the flesh away from your face; then use your cheek muscles to draw it back in. Do this 20 times. To make it easy, imagine you are crushing a piece of fruit using your cheeks.

5. Neck Exercise

Stretch your neck out by lifting your head from your chest and stretch your head as fast as possible. You need to stretch your head back as far as possible while looking at the ceiling, keeping your mouth slightly open to feel the muscles in your neck tighten and stretch. These muscles are called the platysma. After 10 seconds bring your head back to its normal position. Do this exercise at least 10 times daily.

Source: www.wellnessbin.com