10 Things You Should Know About Lemon Water


6) Reduces Bloating. Lemon water helps in relieving constipation, which causes you to lose water weight. Lemons also contain pectin fiber, which is helpful against hunger cravings.

7) Reduces Inflammation. Drinking lemon water regularly decreases the level of acidity in your body. In particular, it reduces uric acid in your joints, which helps ease joint inflammation.

8) Gives You Energy. Drinking lemon water on a daily basis helps your body become healthier, which means that the energy that it was losing fighting off toxins and illnesses will be free to spend anyway you want!

9) Boosts Your Mood. Lemons are rich with potassium, which is an essential nutrient for proper nerve and muscle functionality. Potassium is the key in helping your nerve system produce and deliver more neurotransmitters that boost your mood. Low potassium levels can be linked with anxiety and depression.

10) Helps You Cut out Energy Drinks and Caffeine. With all the healing and energy your body will receive from drinking lemon water, caffeine and energy drinks will be past! Plus, drinking this as your first drink in the morning—rather than a coffee—might help you lose your desire to grab a latte afterward.