You’ve Been Washing Your Hair Wrong Your Entire Life, And This Is How You Should Actually Do It!


Beautiful, shiny and dandruff-free hair requires a lot of attention. But, even when you give your hair a lot of attention, it’s not always the way you’d want it to be. This is because most of us do a number of honest mistakes when washing, drying and styling our hair. Read on and find out how to always have the best- looking hair.

You’ve Been Washing Your Hair Wrong Your Entire Life, And This Is How You Should Actually Do It

#1 Don’t shampoo every wash

Try skipping the shampoo every now and then because using the shampoo too often can lead to a dry scalp.

#2 Don’t wait too long between washes

Don’t wait for too long between hair washes. In fact, you should wash your hair as often as you want to. Whether you do it once a week in winter or every day in summer, it depends entirely on you.

#3 Don’t scrub your scalp

To prevent hair breakage and falling, work with your fingers gently through your hair rather than scrubbing.

#4 Don’t use too much shampoo

Dermatologists recommend using only as much shampoo as the size of a coin.

#5 Don’t change shampoos too often

Using one shampoo is far more recommended than changing your shampoos every month.

#6 Don’t wash with hot water

Hot showers may be beneficial for your skin, but not for your hair. The thing is hot water dries out your skin and scalp. Try using lukewarm or cold water when washing your hair.

#7 Don’t shampoo your whole head

Use shampoo for your roots and a hair conditioner for your ends.

#8 Don’t always shampoo your scalp

Every now and then, start shampooing from the nape of your neck instead from the crown as we normally do.

#9 Don’t brush your hair when wet

Avoid brushing your hair when wet because it’s more fragile and prone to breaking.

#10 Soak your hair

Soak your hair well before applying shampoo.

#11 Don’t towel dry your hair

Instead of towel-drying your wet hair, try patting it dry gently. This will prevent hair breakage.