Your Blood Type Could Be Putting You At Risk of This Health Problem


Blood and their types are body’s most enigmatic nomenclatures. It is categorized into four groups: A, O, AB and B. These four divisions of blood epitomize the scurf in the mainstream of blood. Fortunately, they are not typically fixated to donating or receiving from someone but also through it we can learn about the complexity of health and wellness. Among those characteristics, six of them are highly considered in knowing the patterns.


1. Retention Glitches

On the Edge/ Risky: AB

Vascular structure is almost synchronized to the brain. People of this blood type are more at risk to the problems attached with the remembrance, sorting out words in any language and concentration span is lower than the other blood types. They also experience deficiency in attention. It is because of coagulation which hampers attention, concentration and memory. The percentage of people who have this blood type and the problems related to memory and similar things is almost 85. Factor 8 of coagulation causes clotting in the blood which reduces the blood flow.

2. Cancer of Pancreas

Endangered: O Negative

Cancer and particularly pancreatic cancer is at somewhat lesser menace. Scientists in Yale University took specimen of bacteria, Helicobacter pylori and found folks who already have H. pylori are more prone to have pancreatic cancer. Antigens and scurf are not seen in the blood which is categorized into O type. Therefore, they can donate their blood to everyone.

3. Ailments of Heart

Vulnerable: AB

Unfortunately, according to the research of Harvard University, all those who have O negative have high risk of developing any kind of cardiovascular ailment. However, people who fall into the category of AB blood type are maximum at the risk side to all the diseases.

4. Anxiety and Strain

Threatened: A

Since combination of hormonal changes collide with the occurrence and re-occurrence in specific blood type, doctors and physicians chalk out different work out exercises as per the need of patient’s blood type. Cortisol is a hormone which is seen in abundance in the blood type A. For them, yoga and meditating exercises are more fruitful because they relaxes mind and wears off tension in a body. Blood type A is more towards the side of releasing stress hormone and get fidgety easily. They also get worried hastily.

5. Demands of Workouts

Generally speaking, the temperament of anyone’s antigens on the RBC – red blood cells, governs on the quantity of hormones gets out of organ or gland. Each blood type responds differently to various functions. For instance, blood type B and A are more relaxed in dealing with exercises and workouts which aren’t off high intensity. People who have AB blood type are good with workouts which are based on all types. Contrary to that, O types are altogether a new story to talk about. These are the people who can’t really clear their heads easily and dwell in depressions, anxiety and fatigue. For them, it takes a longer time to De-stress them.

6. Bacteria Gut

Antigens are found in two specific areas; red blood cells and the surface of the tract which follows the digestive system. Surprisingly, a good percentage (80 percent) typically falls in this grouping. Bacteria which lives in the gut, utilizes antigens in the food purpose. This greatly controls the development and vanishing of the bacteria. Before the research, it is projected that people who have B type have 50 thousand times more friendly and approachable bacteria then those who have A or O blood type.