You’ll Never Throw Eggshells Away Again After Reading This!!!


Eggs belong to the group of most nutrition foods due to their rich protein, vitamin and mineral content. Statistically, an average person consumes about 150-300 eggs on annual level. Generally, people are not familiar with all the benefits of eggshells, so they usually end up in the garbage.

You'll Never Throw Eggshells Away Again After Reading This!!!

A chicken eggshell consists of about 96% calcium carbonate protein-bounded crystals. So, before you decide to throw away the eggshells in your trash, read the following beneficial uses of eggshells that you didn`t know about.

  1. Fertilizer

If you want to add extra calcium to your composting, eggshells are the perfect choice for you. They have the ability to decompose very quickly due to their high surface area to volume ratio. There is no need to sterilize or grind them up. Simply throw them on the pile or in the compost bin.

Optionally, you can add your crushed eggshells directly in the bottom of the planting holes during spring.

In winter, you can spread around the eggshells over the land lot where you will plant the following spring. When the ground is warmed up, you can dig the shells in the soil. However, you can also clean and keep them until the upcoming planting season.

Adding extra calcium is especially beneficial for tomatoes and peppers because they are prone to calcium- deficiency.

  1. Pest-Deterrent

Crumble the eggshells and sprinkle them around the plants in order to protect them from slugs and snails. The shells have sharp edges which damage the sensitive foot of the land mollusk, preventing them from crossing the barrier.

  1. Seed-starter Pots

You'll Never Throw Eggshells Away Again After Reading This!!! 2

Due to their quick decomposition ability, eggshells can serve as perfect seed-starter pots. Do the following procedure: when you break the egg to remove the content, make sure you make just a small hole at the pointier end of the shell. Clean the inside of the egg with boiling water. Next, puncture a small hole which later will be used for drainage. Then, put them in the carton, add moist potting soil into each shell, and finally add the seeds. Once the pots are outgrown, transfer them into bigger pots or out in the garden.

  1. Feed the Birds

Generally, mother birds need to be fed on extra calcium and eggshells are the perfect natural source of this mineral. Bake them at 250°F / 120°C for about ten minutes in order to sterilize them. Stop baking when they are completely dry, but not brown on the inside. Next, crumble the eggshells and put them in a feeder or on the ground during spring or summer season. Alternately, mix your crumbled eggshells with suet, mealworms and birdseed in already existing birdfeeder. This is also a good way to prevent insect pests as well.

  1. Repel Deer

If you want to chase away deer, again eggshells are here to help you. Simply sprinkle some eggshells around the plants they enjoy eating and your problem is solved. Deer cannot stand the smell of albumin and run away from any area that has raw egg smell. However, this method can attract smaller vermin rodents which feed on eggs, so be careful.

  1. Aesthetic Value

Ground eggshells can also be used for aesthetic purposes as well. Namely, you can sterilize your shells by boiling them, crumble and then place them in a large glass jar. Finally, scatter them around your garden and between your plants. By doing so, you will have beautifully-ornamented garden, protected from pests and well-supplied with calcium.