You WON’T Believe Why This Man Is Pouring Water Into Diapers… This Trick Is Pure GENIUS!


Yes I admit that I am terrible at gardening because I know how to bury some seeds in soil and think they will grow by themselves. I am just improving so don’t ask my particulars.


And yes, watering the plant, what about it? This is one of the reason I think planting is not for me. I don’t know whether I am lazy or forget things easily. Sometimes I just over water my plants, and sometimes forget to give them water. With too much struggle and a lot of research, I come across this super awesome, amazing, and honest trick.

This trick has made my garden greener than ever. You may think it’s strange but it isn’t.

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This is what you need to do:

Buy a clean baby diaper and Put 4-5 cups of water in it. Take out all the contents in a bowl. Add some more water to the bowl and you will see a glue type of mixture forming. The size of diaper can be selected on your own. If the soil is in large quantity then you may need bigger diaper. You need to add this mixture to the soil, and mix well. Put this soil under a pot, then put your plant and fill it completely.

You will see, your plant start to produce moisture, and you won’t have to water again and again. There are many plants you can grow in this moisture.

This is one of the coolest trick I came across while I was searching for a way to be a better Gardner.