The Woman Without Wrinkles: She Is 33 And Uses Only 2 Ingredients To Beautify


There’s no doubt the whole world knows about the Indian actress Priyanka Chopra. This natural beauty has 15-year long career in the film and fashion industry, during which has picked up many beauty tricks. She is a former Miss World, but also the first Indian woman to be the face of Guess.

The Woman Without Wrinkles She Is 33 And Uses Only 2 Ingredients To Beautify

Hair:  Her thick, shiny hair is probably the most noticeable part on her face. It’s because of her beautiful hair that this Bollywood actress can sport different hair styles every time she appears on the red carpet. When she was asked about her secret, she said that hot oil massage is something she does on a regular basis. This DIY hair treatment is highly beneficial for improving hair quality and controlling hair damage or hair loss. She massages her scalp with hot oil three times per week.

Skin:  According to this world beauty, the most important thing about healthy and radiant skin is hydration. She said: “Hydration, hydration, hydration! You should always wash your face before you got to sleep, no matter what.” There’s also a homemade face mask that she prefers, and it uses only two ingredients – half a cup of yogurt, for hydration, and 2 tbsps. of lemon juice, for exfoliation. Mix the ingredients and apply on your face. Let it act for half an hour before you wash it off. This is Priyanka Chopra’s favorite face mask to keep her skin healthy and hydrated.