Woman Lost 27 Pounds And Solved Her Skin Problems When She Stopped Eating Only A Few Foods!


Kirsty Huntley (32) is a mother of four who has had skin problems, like an adolescent, and a few extra pounds that she has been battling for some time.

Woman Lost 27 Pounds And Solved Her Skin Problems When She Stopped Eating Only A Few Foods!

In early 2008, she was diagnosed with Behçet’s disease, a condition that affects almost every organ in the body, and is incurable. One of the reasons for the acne was just the syndrome.

Just because of it her whole body was covered with acne, face, arms, legs and chest, which is not typical for a person her age and who has four children. These problems have affected her to have big problems with confidence.

She was missing work and did not go out much of the house. Because she was working with make-up, she felt that if people would avoid her because if she cannot take care of her face, how will she take care of theirs.

She was going to the doctors, but without success. Sometimes the acne used to withdrew a certain time, but they always returned. Since nothing helped, 2013, she saw a commercial for allergy tests and decided to try with the team, which showed that she was intolerant to gluten wheat, yeast, eggs and coffee.


Of course, without thinking, she decided to try not to eat these foods. In the next 3 months she lost 27 pounds, and her acne completely disappeared. She never thought that allergies could cause such problems.

When her acne disappeared, her confidence came back, and in January of this year she was noticed and invited to work as a model for larger women.

We believe that many others have similar problems just by the fact that they are allergic to a specific food, and it would not hurt to do checks. This young mom is the best example of this.