With This Recipe Your Hair Will Grow Like Crazy


Poor hair quality is a common cosmetic issue affecting a number of women. If you’ve been longing for shiny, strong and healthy hair, there’s an amazing folk remedy that grows in your garden!

Many women have experienced the exceptional benefits of red onion when used in treatment of thinning hair. Even dermatologists confirm that this treatment gives no side effects on the scalp or hair.


The high content of sulfur in onions makes them extremely efficient in promoting hair growth, because this element stimulates the production of collagen, which in turn stimulates hair growth.

Women who have tried this treatment say that results are seen in less than a month.


  1. Grate 2-4 onions and squeeze their juice.
  2. Apply the onion juice on your scalp massaging gently.
  3. Leave it to act for about 15 minutes. In case you have the time, you can even leave it longer.
  4. Wash your hair as usual. You can also use a conditioner.
  5. Do the treatment twice a month.

Note: Don’t worry about the smell as it soon wears off.

Source: Healthy Life Vision