Why You Should Teach Your Brain To Unlearn Being Sick


Brains, are undoubtedly a crucial and extremely powerful organs of your body. Our skull is our own property and it encompass the vital brain in addition to our mind and the thoughts in it. We can approve that it also grips our past and future.

We can easily remember what happened in the past and anticipate what can happen in the future. We can suppose, imagine and visualize. Our brain stores our life events like memories and we use them for multiple tasks.


Unaccompanied in the Moonlight – Remembrance:
Our lives are full of events and they occur on both extremes, sometimes happy and sometimes sad. Our brain remembers our events and make a memory out of it. Sometimes it memorize anadverse association.Our mind and bodies are controlled with stressed extremes many times.

Our brains are made up of neurons which communicate with each other via a process called “oscillating”. Suppose if neuron A wishes to communicate with neuron B then he can move his place and the other will listen to him. However, this process can be organized.

And it is good to organize this process. The reason is that the pathways can be destructed and weakened due to the movements of neurons. However, ahead of explaining it scientifically, let’s analyze the story first.

The Story of Philip
Philip was a young boy of age 12 who was treated by a neurologist and classified him as a tormented patient. Philip was delivering a presentation in the class when he suddenly fell down. He was shaking, and having seizure. It was the first time when something like this happened with Philip. He was thought to present The Raven of Edgar Allen Poe’s to his class. He worked hard and memorized it and he could even recite it. But when the time of presentation came, something entirely different happened to him.

When Philip reached at the classic haunting of Poe’s poen “Quoth the Raven ‘Nevermore” There he had a lip tremor and these tremors raised with every recitation unless Philip finally malformed. He lost his body control including the whole body, bowels and bladder.

Quoth The Raven–NeverMore
When neurologist tested Philip by asking him to recite the poem again- he drew the conclusion that there is an association among the particular speech patterns and the beginning of seizure.

While Philip recited the poem, his teeth babbled and lips tightened. He knew how to recite the poem and what to say but his brain disallows him.

Brain power underlies in the nervous system’s capability to absorb although in adulthood. A few times neurons are very good at their job. Hence brain with itsunusual computational powers can learn language and logic. Plus it can also study how to be sick.

By analyzing what will initiate the seizures, you can stop them. All you have to do id to explain your brain how to tackle with the upcoming issue – seizure, illness or sickness etc. The only issue is this its really hard. Therefore the “electroceuticals” (the imbeds)

As an alternative you can embed something in your brain, teach your brain and exercise it. Yes, it’s true that it won’t help you to get out of chronic diseases such as “diabetes” and in addition it won’t cure you as well out of cancer by just imagining it that way. But yes, it can enhance your mind’ strength and capability.

Your mind already know what is the meaning of being sick as it has memorized it. It also recognizes when your body is getting sick and transmits indications. Either it’s a seizure arising or a cold is about to strike, your neurons will transmit signals to the rest of the body. In this way it makes you realize that you are getting ill.

Teach your Brain
Life appears to be a series of patterns, the more we recognize the patterns the more we will be able to correctly navigate them. When we understand patterns, we respond. When we realize that factor x is equal to factor y and the y is the worst one so we ultimately reject factor x from beginning.

We cannot alter our past but we learn from it and change our future.

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