Why You Should Never Drink Iced water


Drinking plenty of water regularly is probably the best way to live a healthy life, but whether water should be with or without ice is a matter of concern. You should drink water that is without ice because its summer time and temperature is high. In this temperature and humidity, having a glass of cold water change our body’s momentum. If you want to know more about why you should avoid drinking cold water then under mention are some important points that you should checkout.

Why You Should Never Drink Iced Water

Why to Avoid Drinking Iced Water

When you drink iced water, your body and skin go through certain changes. Your skin and pores start to loosen-up their natural structure. It not only affects your skin, but your digestive system also go through changes. There are many side effects of drinking cold water, below mention are some that you should definitely keep in mind.

  • Your blood vessels start to shrink and your digestive system is restricted. Cold water restrict hydration, and your thirst never fills up.
  • In normal circumstances, our body use water to gather energy, but because of iced water, digestive system releases energy.
  • When you drink cold water right after a meal, your body create excessive mucus that makes our immune system weak. If you drink cold water after every meal, there is a possibility you will catch illness and cold frequently.
  • When you drink cold water in between a meal, it solidifies fat and makes it harder to digest food. Your liver and complete digestive system is affected by this change.

People often say that drinking plenty of water is good for health, and it is true. But one thing that you need to keep in mind that you should avoid drinking cold water. It not only affects your digestive system, but also reduce the life span.

Why you should drink warm water?

There are many benefits of drinking warm water. It not only fills your thirst, but also helps body in many ways. You should read below mention health benefits that warm water brings you.

  • Your body is hydrated much faster as compare to drinking cold water
  • Your digestive system works perfectly fine, your body starts to produce energy and supply to the body.
  • With warm water, food breaks down easily.
  • Your bowel movement is much better. You should also increase lemon and water intake in morning.
  • It increases detoxification process, reduce burden on your liver, stomach, and make you healthy. It also strengthen your immune system.

It will be difficult in beginning but once you start drinking warm water, you eventually will drink it more often. You will notice positive change in body, gain strength, and your digestive system will become better than before. Warm water not only helps digest food, but also reduce sugar craving, flush away toxic waste, and make you healthy. Whenever you think of drinking cold water, you should remember these points and stay away from cold water.

Source: www.fhfn.org