Why mosquitos bite us?


People enjoy spending time outdoors when the weather is pleasant

But do you know what can spoil your good mood while you are enjoying in the nature? Mosquitos’ bites.

Those annoying little insects can bite your legs, arms or any uncover body area.


Sometimes you even come in a situation when you prefer wearing blouses although it is warm outside in order to avoid mosquitos’ bites. Is this true?

If you often ask yourself why mosquitos bite you and your friends are untouched you must know that you are not the only one.

Elizabeth Tanzi, M.D., a dermatologist in Washington, D.C. explains the confusion why some people are bitten more than others.

Study conveyed by this doctor explains that the main culprit is blood classification, although it isn’t yet clear what the exact reason is.

It is commonly known that the O-blood type attracts them.

But the blood type is not the only reason.

Two reasons are known to attract them-claims Tanzi

Some people after the bite have severe swelling around the bite area; the doctor claims and adds that although some people are more bitten than others, some persons notice the bites only because their skin reaction is more visible.

If you belong to that group which has a visible skin reaction you should prepare for the upcoming picking with taking antihistamines.

You should start taking this medicine a few days before going in the nature so you could prevent the expected swelling from mosquitoes’ bites- advises Tanzi.

The histamines will calm down the severe reaction.


The organic explanation is maybe less interesting than the old wives’ stories.

It is proven that some type of clothes and flower scents attracts mosquitoes more. Some individuals even claim that eating routine can be important ‘Goodness, in case you’re eating a ton of desserts, you’ll get them,’ says Tanzi.

But this is still not proven by the experts.

Some study published in the Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association claims that mosquitoes have bitten the participants after thy soaked their arms in 350 milliliters of lager.

But the problem is that there were only 13 participants and Tanzi claims that there is no solid evidence which shows that drinking lager makes you more prone to mosquitoes’ bites.

These insects can be found in great number in lush territories or green shorelines.

There is still a great chance that despite everything you try to avoid these insects, you will get beaten and the only thing you should do is to avid scratching.

If you scratch the area it will get even more swollen – claims Tanzi.

Source: http://www.healthadvisorgroup.com