Why Do Men Go Bald?


Hair loss is far from rare – almost 50% of men face this problem. Have you ever wondered why it is so?

Why Do Men Go Bald

Baldness is quite certainlynot a disease. What are the real causes of hair loss and whether evolution has something to do with it?


You’d be surprised.

Did you know that the human species is not the only one who has this problem? Monkeys and lions also face this phenomenon. Researchers found that the Lions with less hair are more likely to become the alpha male in the pack.

Human reason is not fully known, but the suspected organic compound DHT (dihidrotestosteron) is associated with loss of hair in certain places. Some men are resistant to DHT, so they are lucky and their hair doesn’t fall of for life.

What are the causes?

Men can blame various enzymes that convert testosterone (primary male hormone) in hihidrotestosteron, which makes hair thinner and shorter. Scientists think that Asians have more of these enzymes in the follicles, and some studies have shown that it is they usually have this problem.

Men lose their hair and attractiveness, as nature itself sends a message that the time has come to relay the convey to a junior. And not only that, but women have their own version of this problem, which comes after menopause.

Women receive traits inherent in men, due to reduced levels of estrogen and increased level of testosterone.