Which Food You Should Never Mix?


When we are between 5 to 28 years old we can literally abuse the body and it does not bother us. These years your digestive enzymes bile and stomach acid are at a very high level, so we can mix foods without much consequence. By the time you were born, your body remains in anabolic “over jerry-built” condition. Such remains for about the 30th year of your life when hormones and enzymes are at their highest level . We refer this as “the best years of our life.” Upon entering the year of 32, your body enters catabolic state , and

the body starts to waste.

You should not mix:Which Food You Should Never Mix

– Meat (of any kind) with potatoes 

– Chicken with Rice

– Chicken with Beans

– Chicken with bread or whatever sandwich with meat

– Water and any other drinks while eating your meal, you can drink  half an hour before and one hour after meal.
From this it can be concluded that protein and starch must not be mixed together in the same meal. Why is that ?
When you combine these two things the body,it gives its best to digest the food  but only manages to digest starch and half of the protein . What happens to the other half of the food ? Ferment starch and protein clumping, the shocking truth is, the food is  rotting  in your stomach. The food  creates rot and parasitic yeast mutations from which appear gases! This is a global problem, but unfortunately very little medicine informs people about proper food combining.