What Is The Fastest Way to Reduce High Blood Pressure?


Lowering high blood pressure with sunflower seeds

In enameled bowl place 2 ½ cups of well washed, not peeled sunflower seeds. Pour 1.5 liter of cold water and put on fire. When the water boils, reduce the heat and continue cooking it for two hours.

What Is The Fastest Way to Reduce High Blood Pressure

After that, strain the liquid. When it cools down, drink a cup of the liquid during the day. The rest of the liquid can be stored in the refrigerator in a tightly closed glass jar or a bottle.

This remedy acts quickly. The pressure immediately returns to normal and the effect is sufficiently stable. It is recommended for all who suffer from hypertension.

Remedy from plantago for lowering high blood pressure

In a glass jar put four tablespoons of crushed plantago leaf (Plantago major). Pour in a glass of vodka or 40% alcohol. Close the jar and leave it in a dark place to stand for two weeks. Then strain the contents.

Use: 30 drops three times daily.

It successfully lowers the high blood pressure.

Wraps to lower the high blood pressure

For a quick decrease in the blood pressure use coating of 5-6% strong vinegar. With cotton cloth soak the vinegar and put it on the floor. With both legs stand on the wet fabric. While standing on it, gently massage your temples and nape with the cotton soaked in vinegar.

After 10-15 minutes, measure the blood pressure. The coating on the feet should not be applied longer than 20 minutes, because you don’t want to reduce too much pressure.

Regulating hypertension with onions

Peel a medium sized onion and place it in a jar in the evening. Pour a cup of cold water in it. Leave the jar for the whole night and in the morning on an empty stomach drink the liquid from the jar. Do not dispose of the onion; use it during the day, in the preparation of a meal.

At night, prepare a new onion drink.

Do this daily, for a longer period. The results of this treatment are not immediately visible, but after some time your blood pressure will normalize, it will not “jump”, and will be gradually adjusted.