What Happens When You Drink 3,043 oz Of Water In One Month? This Woman Looks 10 Years Younger!


Drinking enough water is very important to our health and survival; however, most people do not drink enough water. In fact, only 20% of us do.

A woman and mother in England, Sarah Smith, 42, had both headaches and digestion problems. Doctors told her that she needed to drink more water, so she decided to take their advice and to document the process. She committed to drinking 5 pints of water per day for a month to see if the increased water intake made any difference in how she felt.


At the beginning, Sarah said that she looked older than she was. She knew she looked tired, with shadows under and around her eyes. She also had wrinkles and blotches, and even her lips looked wrinkled and old. She decided to drink a jug of water in the morning, a jug in the afternoon, and a jug in the evening.

By the end of the first week, because water is vital for keeping the joints lubricated, Sarah had much less stiffness in her joints, and she no longer had headaches. The water helped flush the kidneys, and her urine was clear. Her bowel function was also improved.

At the end of the second week, she still had no headaches. Sarah’s stomach was flatter, and according to Sarah’s husband, Sarah no longer had cellulite. Her eyes looked less “shadowy than before.”

By the end of the third week, Sarah noticed that the wrinkles and shadows around her eyes were much less visible. A big change was realizing that what she thought were hunger pangs were actually thirst pangs. According to research, 37% of people also make the mistake of confusing the need for food with the need for water.

At the end of the month, Sarah was in better shape and had lost weight although the only change she had made was the water intake. Her skin was soft and supple. The blotches had disappeared, and the shadows around her eyes were almost gone. Sarah says, “I look like a different woman.