What Happens To Your Body When You Fast (VIDEO)


Fasting for many hours is thereal test for the body and soul. However, many believe that after fasting our health is significantly improved.What Happens To Your Body When You Fast (VIDEO)

The video that follows explains the benefits of fasting.

In fact, when it comes to the heart, much less blood during fasting goes into the digestive tract so that blood goes to other parts of the body causing the heart to work flawlessly.

Fasting allows the toxins to be eliminated from the lungs.

The stomach is cleaned during fasting and all the harmful substances from it are eliminated. Same is the case with the intestines, and thanks to their cleaning the metabolism is much more effective.

The kidneys during fasting get rid of the unnecessary water and thus stabilize blood pressure.

See what happens to the organism when you avoid food and water.

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