What Does Your Tongue Say About Your Health?


Do you want to know what state your health is in and what causes your bad breath? If you take most dentists’ advice, just stick your tongue out and look at yourself in the mirror.

The tongue is a place where numerous bacteria hide, and these cause bad breath in the mouth. In fact, the more layers your tongue has, the worse the smell.

As horrible as it sounds, your mouth is full of millions of living organisms, mostly bacteria, which thrive in warm and dark environments.


  • A healthy tongue is pink, smooth and clean, without any deposits or lines on it.
  • On the other hand, yellow deposits on the tongue that gradually become darker is a sign that sulfur compounds are produced in your mouth. A deep crack along the tongue is also typical of this condition, and it is here that most of the bacteria hide.
  • A rough tongue with cracks is another sign that you have bacterial deposits that create bad breath in your mouth. These cracks are the perfect place for bacteria proliferation.
  • Another type is the so-called “geographical” tongue, characterized by numerous indents and bumps, i.e. areas with bacterial deposits and clean areas. This condition usually occurs as a result of a reaction to certain foods, stress, illness or hormonal disorders.
  • Some tongues ​​even have papillae, which look like little hairs on the tongue. This “hairy tongue” is again a place where most harmful bacteria thrive.

What Does Your Tongue Say About Your Health 1


  1. Some toothpastes – This refers to toothpastes containing sodium lauryl sulfate, which produces foam, but is useless for cleaning your teeth and tongue. Plus, it has recently been proven that this chemical can even create tiny wounds in your mouth. That’s why it’s important to read the labels when buying toothpaste.
  2. Food rich in protein – Bacteria feed on protein, which only worsens your breath.
  3. Juices – This is due to the fact that bacteria produce more bad-smelling waste in an acidic environment.
  4. Sugars – Sugars create an extremely favorable environment for bacteria proliferation. Plus, they accelerate tooth decay, thus creating ideal conditions for bacteria growth.
  5. Dry mouth – A mouth that constantly dries is the perfect place for bacteria proliferation.
  6. Cigarettes and alcohol – These cause dryness of the mouth.
  7. Gum disease – Bacteria breed more easily in this condition and even enter the bloodstream.
  8. Medications – These also dry your mouth, thus creating an ideal breeding ground for bacteria.
  9. Lactose intolerance – Dairy products may cause yogurt-smelling breath in your mouth.