What Does The Position In Which You Sleep, Says About You?


Let’s see who is sleeping in which position and what it says about you?


People who sleep curled up in the position of an unborn baby are mostly people who look strong on the outside, but have a very soft heart on the inside. They are often shy in the company of people they don’t know, but once they relax they are quite fun.

The position of the fetus is one of the most common positions for sleeping, and the survey of 1,000 people, 41% of them, just like sleep. Two times more women are sleeping in this position, than men.


This is the position when lying on the side, and both hands are stretched parallel to the body. People who sleep in this position are cheerful, relaxed, always part of a big company and tend to trust people who do little or do not know, because they often have problems.What Does The Position In Which You Sleep, Says About You


People who sleep on the side with both hands spread in front of them are mostly people with an open mind and flexible character, but also tend to be cynical, snide and suspicious.

These people are very difficult in taking decisions, but once they “cut” nothing can change their minds.


These people sleep so they lie on their backs, and their hands are lowered to the body. It is believed that these people are incredibly quiet, withdrawn and reserved to the environment. Do not want crowds, but set high standards for themselves.


Position when lying on the stomach, arms around or under the pillow and the head thrown aside. These people are among the friendliest, but people with the greatest internal unrest. Can’t stand critics, unable to cope with extreme situations and are often anxious and irritable.


People who sleep in this position actually lie on their back and arms are raised above the head or under the pillow. These people are very good friends, because they always know how to listen to others and offer help when needed.

Modest and not enjoy when in the spotlight.

Studies about this position and sleep showed that the majority of people do not change the position in which they sleep. Only 5% of respondents stated that they have no defined position of sleep, which means, different sleep every night.

Also, a research has been conducted on the impact of the situation in which we sleep with our health.

The conclusion is that the position of “free fall” is useful when we have a problem with digestion, while people who sleep in the position of “soldier” and “starfish” throughout life will have problems with snoring or nightmares.