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Weight Loss – Try This Magical Diet With Pineapple

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  1. Jason says:

    My (now deceased) mother-in-law gained 5 stone in weight and her doctor put her on a pineapple only diet for 6 weeks. This was back in the late sixties.

    He didn’t insist that she had to eat so many kilos of pineapple a day, just that she ate it as often as she wanted and whenever she was hungry.

    She didn’t tell him that she was sneaking in a portion of meat once a day because she was too hungry to live on pineapple alone. She figured what the doc didn’t know, wouldn’t hurt him, so she continued including a small portion of meat once a day on her pineapple diet.

    She lost the entire excess 5 stone of weight during that time, then returned to normal, healthy eating and never regained the weight again.

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